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Refunds and terms at WebsiteHostingVPS.com

(T&C Terms and conditions for WebsiteHostingVPS.com WebsiteHostingVPS WHV)

New orders can be refunded within 24 hours. 


We at WebsiteHostingVPS.com are very Honest in what we do and would never treat a customer badly even when a customer gets angry for whatever reason, we at WebsiteHostingVPS.com will always communicate in a professional manner no matter how difficult a client is.

If no work is carried out for a customer at WebsiteHostingVPS.com and there is no services data or consultation completed within 48 hours the client/customer is entitled to a full refund excluding fees from PayPal payments and in full from Bank Transfers.

Refunds will be issued to the sender using the same details and payment method you used when ordering a service at WebsiteHostingVPS.com and will not be made to a different Bank Account or PayPal account.

Due to to the nature of our business we at WebsiteHostingVPS to protect the labour force we offer all our customers a 50% refund if they are unhappy with work carried out for any reason. We will always offer to amend and fix any issues you may find without any further costs to you the customer.

If we are faced with a customer who has had work carried out for them, then the customer fraudulently opens a dispute or chargeback without contacting us 1st we would place those customers on a blacklist shared with other online business owners using fraudrecord and maxmind.

Abuse to our staff on more than 3 occasions would enable us to cancel your services with us as you agree by using our services to treat our staff the way you would like to be treated and you the client agree to forfeit any services with us and by forfitting we at WebsiteHostingVPS.com must provide data (work carried out) if any to the client.  The client/customer at WebsiteHostingVPS.com agrees to have any dispute on payment resolved in house by an in house governing body namely WebsiteHostingVPS administration.

For the other services we provide, only in extreme cases or for example, the customer orders the wrong product we would issue an instant refund.

Please note we do not allow: tor exit nodes, Camfrog CPU intensive badly coded chat rooms, any kind of port scanning, outbound spam and attacks are not allowed and we have automated abuse systems in place to ensure we provide a premium service globally. We do not allow anything that breaks UK laws any kind of scams or fraud will be taken seriously and information forwarded to any official body that asks. We will host any website as long as it is legal and reasonably ethical. Any illegal activities to do with cp will be dealt with as a high priority and you forfeit your privacy if you are proven to be involved in such activities using our services or communications networks. Simply put if you are a legit person you will be fine and will never have an issue using our services now and in the future.